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Our sponsorship programs are designed with the objective of enabling sponsors to help needy children and their families out of poverty. The support to be provided through the sponsorship eventually enables them to pave the way for a better future as they will be encouraged and enthused to work towards attaining success in their endeavors and out win poverty.

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Our sponsorship programs are designed with the objective of enabling sponsors to help needy children and their families out of poverty. The support to be provided through the sponsorship eventually enables them to pave the way for a better future as they will be encouraged and enthused to work towards attaining success in their endeavors and out win poverty.


Why sponsor a child?

Our sponsorship program is designed with the objective of enabling sponsors to help primarily community based needy children and their families out of poverty. The sponsorship we receive main caters to enhance the community based child care support program we are operating.  The support to be provided through the sponsorship eventually enables the recipients to pave the way for a better future as they will be encouraged and enthused to work towards attaining success in their endeavors and out win poverty.

Through our child sponsorship program a sponsor will have a direct link with a sponsored child of the local communities where Bridge of Hope is operating in Ethiopia. The Minimum sponsorship amount that will suffice to cover the monthly food, education, health and sanitation to be provided for a child in the community is US$ 70.  The money received ensures that the child will not go out to the streets to work and supplement the family income.
Our families are directly linked with us and we work with them on a day-to-day contact basis to ensure that the children acquire education and employment opportunities in which the families enroll/engage in that in turn will guarantee them a more prosperous and secured future.

Is there a mechanism by which I shall be updated how the sponsorship payment I make is expended?

As the sponsor of a child, you will receive an annual pack containing school reports, payment records, pictures and photos of your child.  In addition, we encourage supporters to send packages or gifts out to Ethiopia (read about what to send as a gift to your family). Sometimes our supporters come to Gondar to visit our organization and see in person their sponsored child, and this has always been a valuable experience for them. Sponsors can schedule such visits to coincide with a visit they may wish to make to visit the ancient historical sites existing in the area we are operating in which annually attracts quite a considerable number of tourists.

What amount will my child receive from the sponsorship payment I contribute monthly?

Your monthly US$ 70 sponsorship payment for a child that we support through our community based child support program is apportioned in the following way:
•    70% is given to the family as Direct Financial Support
•    5% is set aside into the Medical Fund, which is used to pay for the treatment of the child, or any member of the family, should they require any medical help. It also covers the cost of an annual check-up for the child. This amount might seem not to suffice to cover the cost of medical treatment for any type of ailment. Medical treatment is, however, provided almost practically free of charge particularly in the rural areas of the country. The sponsorship amount is to be expended where the families may require to  spend it on expenses related to their treatments
•    5%  will be expended on a school uniform and set of school books each year; education in government-run state schools is free in Ethiopia, but children are required to provide their own uniforms and books, the cost of which becomes cumbersome for poor families.
•    5% is set aside into the Training Fund, which is used to cover the cost of any vocational training required should the child not achieve good enough grades to attend university. We also use this money to fund training courses for other family members of the child when appropriate.
•    15% is used for Sponsorship management, including covering all the costs associated with the regular welfare visits to the beneficiary’s home.

Do I have the mandate to decide the gender and or age of the child?

Yes you can. Detailed information is provided in the Sponsorship Request Form. This will serve you as a guide to choose the age and gender of the child you need to sponsor. Please complete the form and our team in Ethiopia will do their best to link you up with a child who matches your requirement. To make your selection to satiate your interest our team will let you decide on the child you want to sponsor through the information they provide you prior to your making the final decision.

Is there a time limit for a sponsorship to last?

The main objective, as indicate above, of the sponsorship program is to enable poor children to enroll and complete their education and eventually to help themselves come out of poverty. In this respect we encourage our sponsors to continue to support their child throughout his/her education. The children being supported will realize the fact that an individual or organization is at their side that will look out for their interest and this will in turn bring a strong sense of security to them and their families. However, various unexpected conditions can surface that will make it difficult for sponsors to fulfill their promise. In this case, Bridge of Hope will continue to support the child financially for 6 consecutive months after the monthly payment is discontinued and will place the child back on the waiting list until another sponsor comes forward to support the child. If you find yourself unable to continue providing the sponsorship, we very much appreciate you letting us know as soon as possible so that we shall take appropriate action that will help the child not to be disrupted from his/her education and the family from receiving the usual monthly support.

How do I communicate with my sponsored child and family?

Please send all letters/photos/gifts to our team in Ethiopia through the following address:
Bridge of Hope – Ethiopia Program

Address in Ethiopia: (Main Office)

P.O.Box 5755 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Telephone 00251 16 466024/25
Fax 00251 16 479823

Address in Switzerland

Sekretariat Winterthur
Brücke zu Israel Postfach 30 CH- 8406 Winterthur
Tel 0041 52 212 71 52


Donations can be sent to the following addresses:


1. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Finfine Branch Acc No. 0171816458000 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

2. Swiitzerland Brücke zu Israel Hilfe für Äthiopien 8406 Winterthur PC - Konto : 90-730332-8 3.


Brücke zu Israel e. V. Postbank Karlsruhe Konto : 18 03 83 753 Bankleitzahl: 66010075 

Please write the name of your sponsored child on the outside of the envelope/parcel and the team will ensure it reaches the family.

After the completion of the education/training of my child what happens next?

It is our commitment and that we endeavor to see all of our beneficiary children and families become successful in their education and their different activities. After the child completes his/her education we will effect the monthly sponsorship payment for up to 6 consecutive months, to ensure that the child and the family have financial security. Our team will contact you and will let you know about the final situation of the child and the family so that you will have an option to either stop your sponsorship payment, or to start supporting another child.

If I pay more than US$ 70 how will the additional money be spent?

It will be to your entire discretion how the additional payment you may want to be spent. If you let us know on what you want us to disburse it, we will do accordingly. Otherwise, we will use the money as a General Donation where it is most needed within the organization. A considerable number of sponsors request us to give the extra money to their family each month, and the additional amount is classified as “Financial Gift” and is disbursed separately and signed for receiving it.

Tell me about the difference between Private and State run schools in Ethiopia?

Government-run state schools provide education free of charge, and this has made them to become highly demanded for their inexpensive costs as well as operate on full time basis. Private schools also provide an all-day education, in slightly smaller class sizes compared to government schools. Attendance at these schools can cost from around US$5 – 20 per month.

Can I pay for my child to attend private school?

We are grateful to your benevolence in this respect and most happy to facilitate the enrollment of sponsored children in a Private School which is facilitated through our community based child care program. The appropriate time for enrolling children in private schools is at the start of the annual school season when all schools will be opened during the month of September.

What other alternative options are available by which I can help my sponsored child?

There are plenty of ways in which you can help your sponsored child and their family; such options include monetary gifts that will be utilized for installing a water tap or paying for house repairs. Occasionally the Sponsorship Coordinators will inform sponsors the areas highly regarded by the families requiring assistance which they inform the team during the Home Visits they make and they in turn will dispatch the information to sponsors along with the report we send you every month.

I have received notification that my sponsored child has dropped out of the program. Can you explain to me why?

We do our best to ensure that all sponsored children are provided with all the necessary support from our end until they complete their assignment meaning until they complete their education/training programs that they are enrolled in. With some this may not become a successful reality.  Some of them may decide to drop out of school because they move away from the project area and due to other reasons beyond their ability. Bridge of Hope (BoH) has a number of rules which the beneficiaries and their families have agreed to abide by in order to qualify for sponsorship. These are primarily focused around the continuation of education. If the team finds that the child is not abiding by these rules, the team will investigate the situation and provide the family with advice and different options. In general, the team will try to work with the family to find a solution for 3 separate times but if, after this time, no solution is found then the team takes the difficult decision to stop sponsorship for the child. If this happens, you will be contacted by the international team for a brief update, and the team in Ethiopia will send you a close-out report with further details.

Are projects such as the artistic and the sport clubs funded with sponsorship money?

No. Both are implemented with the objective of benefiting both the village and sponsored children and theirs siblings in Gondar, but are funded separately using general donations and grants.  However interested persons or organizations can make financial or material donations to support the children’s involvements in the two extra curricular activities.

Bridge children are involved in different sport and artistic activities by organizing them in two sport and art clubs. In the creative art/literature club about 60 children are organized and involved. Five dramas were produced and presented for public at different holidays. In addition   42 poems written by the members were presented to the village communities at different holidays and occasions. The future plan is to publish and release educational dramas and comedies on VCD/DVD to the public.

With regard to the sport club almost all children have been involved in different sport activities. The different sport activities are foot ball, volley ball, basket ball, table tennis, athletics, circus and Jujutsu judo art. The sport activities have been organized and managed by a sport professional especially in Circus and Jujutsu arts working with our organization on contract basis. Special training has been given for about 80 children in circus and jujutsu art. As a result about 50 of them have acquired basic self defense abilities and showed their talents to the public.